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Meet Pillar Five.

The Automated Business Life Cycle Growth System

Grow Your Business To The Next Level without

Wasting Time Searching For Answers.

  • No Computer Skills Needed

  • Works For Generational Wealth Building Entrepreneurs

  • Commit, Take Action, And Grow

4 Steps Away

Let's be real, building generational wealth through entrepreneurship is a challenging journey and not for the faint of heart. It's for the small business owners who are risk takers, self-determined, and committed, but it doesn't have to be a complicated process. Contrary to popular belief...Failure Is Not Required!

Mastering how to grow your business to run on its own doesn't happen by accident, it's a process. Stop wasting valuable time trying to figure it out ALONE. Pillar Five is your business growth guide, holding your hand step-by-step through the business growth journey.

Simple 4-Step Process

  • Identify the business life cycle stage,

  • Determine the correct next step to take,

  • Get expert help to make sure your confident in completing the steps correctly, and;

  • Take action.

Step 1



Step 2



Step 3



Step 4



this is on you!

"If you want to take your business to the next level, you need to check out their 4-step system. I've seen it work firsthand and I can tell you, it's the real deal. It'll help you identify where you're at in the business cycle, target the right areas for growth, provide you with expert guidance and then all you have to do is take action. It is the blueprint for success." ~ Karlton Hoskins

Unlock Growth Potential

Pillar Five Is...

Your Business Life Cycle Stage Identifier

Pillar Five instantly identifies your business' life cycle stage, so you don't have to. No more guessing where your business is along its journey to creating generational wealth, freeing up your time, and achieving your goals.

"If you don't know where you are, it's impossible to navigate to your desired destination." ~ Karlton Hoskins

Systematize Business Growth

Pillar Five Is...

Your Growth Sequencer

How to grow a successful business is a question we often hear from entrepreneurs who want to build a big business, not just a local shop. The answer is quite simple; complete all the right steps in the correct sequence. Don't worry, Pillar Five provides you with the building blocks in the correct sequence, so you can focus on your business, without the guesswork.

"Whatever good things we build, end up building us."

~ Jim Rohn

"Pillar Five is like a business success GPS.

It provides entrepreneurs with the right directions, at the right time,

so you can reach your destination (goals) faster."

Pillar Five and Your Business

A short video to understand Pillar Five's Fortune500 building blocks approach to

business growth and scale

The Word On

The Street

Pillar Five tells you,

"This is what you need to do..."

Calvin Pegues -CEO Icebreakers

swot analysis

Pillar Five Is...

Your "How-to" Library

Knowing what to do is different than knowing how to do it. With access to over 200 curated "how-to" videos you'll be able to complete each building block along the way. Learn how to create a one-page lean business plan, perform a SWOT analysis from Erica Olsen, or develop a fricking awesome marketing strategy from Neil Patel.

Failure Is Not Required™

Why wait? Start growing your business today!

Pillar Five Is...

Your Growth Navigator

You won't have to waste time figuring out "how-to" complete the steps to success. You'll get an outline called, "Next Steps" that clearly shows you exactly what to do to complete a building block.

how to grow my business

Grow Your Business The Fortune 500 Way!

Business Coaches

Pillar Five Is...

Your Live Experts

(Coming Soon)

When you choose Pillar Five, you rest assure that a team of advisors has your back every step of the way. With access to 20 hours of LIVE Q&A's with industry experts, seasoned entrepreneurs who have been where you are, and specialized business coaches , you'll get answers to your questions. Let's face it, you need a team because no one person knows it all.

Maximize Your Time

goal setting

The 960 Method Is...

Your Business Mindset Roadmap

With Tom Hobbs 960 Method, goal setting and achievement become simple. Master "how-to" enhance productivity and unlock your untapped potential with a system that maximizes your time.

Are you ready

to take your business

to the next level?

Are you ready to take the next step

toward building a sustainable business?

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Lifetime Access - Entrepreneur Plan

The complete Automated Business Coaching system


one time payment, never pay again

  • 1 - Business

  • Determine your business' life cycle stage

  • Identify missed steps in your business's growth

  • Unlimited expert How-to videos

  • Building Blocks for all life cycle stages

  • Quick-view dashboard

  • 20-hours with LIVE Advisors monthly COMING SOON

  • 960 Method - Tom Hobbs' Business Mindset Roadmap


Coaches and Consultants

Complete system for independent business experts with a limited number of clients


Business Experts and Service Providers

For coaches, consultants, and business resource providers who want to attract more clients


You've registered the business, now you need to ensure your business survives, grows and flourishes.

Why do it alone and without guidance when Pillar Five can give you realistic goals and expectations.

No more guessing where your business is at or where it could be going.


Let Pillar Five work together with you, providing specialized building blocks to better serve your clients.

Everything is preloaded in the platform and ready for you and your team to hit the ground running.

SBA, BBB, Chambers of Commerce, And Other Organizations

Give your members access to Pillar Five's automated business growth system and watch their business flourish. This one simple system will help your members grow their business without you having to take on the task of coaching. After all, your members fill the resource section with your vendors and expert content that will guide your members. And when your members need help, they'll be able to contact your

network, right at their finger tips. At less than $15 per year, per member, how can you really say no?


If you are ready to develop a sustainable company that runs on its own.

Let's Start Now!

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